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Published June 9, 2018 into Blog
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Boudoir Shoot with Beautiful Miss A

There is only one word that describes this session...INCREDIBLE! Miss A did it for herself. She wanted to look and feel amazing! Excitingly she mentioned that her friend had a shoot with me recently and had such fantastic experience that Miss A had to experience it for herself. And what a shoot it was. Honestly, the best compliment I can ever hope to receive is a referral from my awesome clients! Thank you.

A boudoir shoot with Iwona is amazing, she listens and supports you in what, for me, was a side of myself that I rarely show. She compliments who you are with the style of photos she takes, and listens to your needs and insecurities to make you feel empowered and beautiful in your own skin.

- Miss A

A couple of weeks after the shoot, upon delivery of the final images I always ask my clients to fill out my post-shoot survey. The feedback helps me to not only improve myself as a photographer, but also make sure that my lovely customers are 100% satisfied with their sessions!

Here is what Miss A had to say:

What made you decide to book your boudoir session with ALOMIA instead of another studio?

I had been following Alomia on Social Media for some time and I really like the quality and style of the photos, and then discovered that a friend had done photos with you and she shared her experience I knew it was time to book.

How were you feeling before your shoot? Any thoughts going through your mind?

I wasn't overly nervous but rather second guessing if that is how I wanted to portray myself. I have never felt myself to be overly "sexy" or portrayed myself in that manner but knew that I wanted to do this for me.

What was your favourite thing about your photoshoot experience?

How comfortable you made me, I was very unsure not only about being in front of the camera but trying to appear to be "sexy." You allowed me to feel awkward until that switched over to comfort and I began to really enjoy myself and how empowered I felt after.

What would you tell other ladies who are considering doing a boudoir shoot?

Women are so often taught not to portray this side of themselves, when yet i found that i craved the softer more feminine side and allowing myself to be seen in a different light. Whether you do this for yourself or for your partner or just for fun, you will be glad you did.

What is the best memory from your photo shoot day?

How comfortable I felt in my own skin and in front of the camera.

How did you feel after your session and did we miss anything?

I felt great, didn't want it to end.

The perfect way to surprise your significant other is by showing off your sexy, uninhibited, confident and beautiful side by sharing those amazing moments with him. Moments that are captured on a medium that never fades, and only grows in sentimental value over time. If you've been trying to work up the courage for your own boudoir shoot then check out my packages.

My job is to make sure you look your best in all of your photos. So just be yourself and follow my directions while we are shooting and I will capture some truly beautiful moments!

With Miss A's express permission I am sharing some of my favourite photos from her shoot!

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