Doing a boudoir shoot can be a nerve racking experience, just the thought of having to come out of your comfort zone and pose in a studio can feel intimidating! My goal is to make you comfortable and relaxed so that you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination! Here is what a few of our ladies had to say about their experience.

"I am so happy I booked the appointment with Alomia. I was so nervous going into the shoot but when I got there Iwona made me feel so comfortable; during the shoot I felt so excited so much attention was given and still days later I feel like WOW! Thank you Iwona for such an amazing day it will be one I never forget and I will definitely be booking another appointment. I look at those pics every day and it’s my positivity every morning that wow that’s me and I look great! Thanks for showing me how beautiful I am and that I can do whatever I want to do!"
"Everyone needs to have an experience like the one Alomia provides at least once in their life! Iwona is very professional, fun, and knows her stuff when it comes to posing and bringing out your sexy side!"

"I am so thankful for this experience! I was so nervous and Iwona instantly made me feel comfortable and at home. I left my shoot feeling sexy, confident and empowered."

"Iwona was soooooo wonderful to work with. She’s such a sweet genuine & kind hearted woman. I enjoyed working so much with her! She made my first boudoir experience so amazing that I can’t wait to do some more!"

"I am so happy I booked an appointment with Alomia. I was so nervous leading up to the day of the shoot but when I got there Iwona made me feel so at ease and so comfortable I could not have asked for a better experience. I felt so incredible during the shoot and still days later I feel so amazing. Thank you Iwona for such an amazing day it will be one I never forget and I will definitely be booking another appointment."

"Please, please do it! You will not regret it, in fact, you will wonder why you didn't do it before. It makes you really believe in yourself, and is such a boost of confidence."
"It's such a great experience and the photos turn out amazing and it's such a nice feeling to look at the photos and say "Wow! That's me!" It's a good boost of confidence."
"Thank you I felt very sexy and enjoyed my photo shoot with you. Everybody that I have shown my picture to love them also. You are very talented."
"My shoot with Alomia was magical. From the booking, to the shoot, everything was seamless. The actual shoot day is something I will cherish forever. I felt powerful and sexy, and above all, Iwona has the ability to make it so comfortable. She is amazingly talented at what she does. You can feel the passion she has for boudoir photography. I can't thank Alomia enough for such an epic experience."

"I just wanted to drop a line to thank you profusely. I had an amazing experience with you, you are amazing at what you do. I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful experience, and really making me feel comfortable. I had a blast! You have a true gift, and I couldn't be happier!"

"I was able to feel comfortable in my underwear. I felt very empowered and confident during the shoot. The make up artist and Iwona made me feel like a Victoria Secret Model." 

"I felt empowered and badass haha I never thought I would do something like this but I'm sure glad that I did!"
"From walking in the door to leaving, the whole experience was amazing! I loved that I came in with no experience in front of the camera, to do a session that was extremely out of my comfort zone, and she guided me like a true professional!"
"I think so many women forgo boudoir shoots but after doing it, I feel that everyone should try them. This is a gift for me and my husband. The memory of confidence and being who you are in a snapshot of your life, is empowering and worth it! I am so glad I did it and Iwona is someone who makes you feel comfortable and beautiful!"
"Iwona is such a kind and encouraging person. She made me feel so comfortable and helped me to let go of my insecurities. It was an amazing experience!"
"ALOMIA was highly recommended by a co-worker who had recently had a boudoir session done! I felt that a boudoir session is something very intimate and without a doubt felt comfortable booking once I had spoken with the client."
"When I was younger I wanted to be a model, for the day I got to experience what it would be like to be one! Thank you Iwona!"

"I have had different moments of love and insecurity in my body and what I look like now in my fourth pregnancy. it felt like it was time to embrace the changes and highlight the amazing things a woman's body does to accommodate a growing baby. I was hoping for a boudoir shoot to make me feel more comfortable and to show my husband and friends that I felt good about myself."

I had an amazing experience with Alomia Photography. I was feeling very nervous before the shoot. They were able to make me feel comfortable in my underwear and I had a great experience. When I was leaving I felt so confident and proud of my body. I would definitely recommend booking a boudoir photoshoot.

Iwona and the makeup artist were both very enthusiastic and created a great atmosphere that made me feel comfortable, despite being quite nervous. I came out feeling sexy and confident and wanting to do another one! Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures! 

Thank you Iwona for a wonderful photography experience. I absolutely LOVE my photos and your warm and easy going personality helped put me at ease. You are professional, personable and AMAZINGLY talented. You made me feel beautiful, empowered and helped me overcome my shyness. It took me years to build up the courage to do a boudoir shoot and you didn't disappoint.I look forward to booking another shoot with you in the future!

Xoxo Desiree 

"I loved every second of this experience. I saw the portfolio online and had to come take some bridal boudoir photos and I'm so glad I travelled the 6 hours to work with this awesome lady!! Such a fun experience and I felt so comfortable in her studio. In love with my images can't wait to come back again! My hubby is going to love opening these on our wedding day!!!"

"Do it! We, as women, often feel insecure about what we look like. A boudoir shoot allows us to let go and let our inner confidence to shine through. Iwona's photography makes you feel beautiful and proud."

"The more I look at the picture the more emotional I get. I can't wait to see the rest. You do such beautiful work and totally have an eye for unique shots. I'm so glad I made the journey down to work with you. I can't wait to show the hubby on our wedding day. I cannot thank you enough.  I've been so stressed wedding planning and this just brightened everything  and I'm looking forward to going in to this wedding with a boosted confidence."

"My favourite part was probably just having the 'me' time. Even though I'm doing this as a wedding present for my fiance, it is as much for me as it is for him. Life gets very busy and in my line of work/lifestyle, I very rarely get dressed up for anything. This was a great reminder to myself that I still have it ;)"

"This was the best experience I could ever do for myself. Also having my boyfriends guitar played into the photos was a manfully thing to me and will always be a special moment in my life. I would book again to do more shoots with Alomia. The photographer and her team are super professional and make you feel at home."

"I will definitely recommend all of my friends to Iwona. After photo shoot I feel more confident, prettier, powerful and freedom on myself and my decision. Really mind opening that boudoir is not something taboo or underground like my previous thought. I would endorse all woman should do, at least once in their life. It is so much fun."

"Iwona is truly a talented artist!! Not only can she bring the best out of you, but with her combination of lighting, angles and poses, she made me look (and feel) like a super model! She is not only good at her job, but she has some serious artistic talent as well!"

"You truly have a gift, and the confidence you give women...its intoxicating. Thank You!

“What a great birthday gift to myself! The ladies made me feel so special, from the bubbly drink to telling me how great each shot was! I felt like a supermodel and I had so much fun! Thank you for this great experience!"

"It was a great session. Was hesitant before getting started, but the ladies made me feel very comfortable during the entire session, while being very professional! They do amazing work." 

"I was lucky enough that Iwona was visiting Malaysia where i live and i had the opportunity for her to take my Maternity shoot. she made me feel so at ease and the whole shoot was so much fun. the photos are amazing and a beautiful memory of my pregnancy. I have had so many wonderful comments about my photos."

"Iwona was amazing! She was professional and knew exactly what she wanted and needed to produce a technically good photo. But what struck me most was her fun loving personality, excitement and passion for what she does - it was infectious! Even though I'm 44, Iwona made me feel sexy, beautiful and confident. I think that came across in the photos."

"Its a must! You feel beautiful, sexy, and you get to get glam and feel like a model for the day! Every girls dream. You don't have to have the perfect body to do a boudoir shoot you just have to have fun and do something for yourself and enjoy the experience."

"These talented ladies are truly phenomenal at what they do. I was quite nervous going in to it but once I had met them they were so easy going and made me feel super comfortable. I had an absolute blast working with them and can't wait to see the final product! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!! Thanks again ladies!"

"You will not regret it. It's one of those life experiences that all women should do to bring out their inner sexiness. The results will make you feel beautiful and confident."

"I had such an amazing time shooting my boudoir shoot. I felt so glamorous and beautiful. I lost 40lbs in the recent 2 years and I wanted to celebrate it by doing something out of my comfort zone. Even though I am self conscious about my body, stretch marks, cellulite and all the things women worry about I decided to just celebrate myself and just have fun. I felt at ease and with the beautiful makeup and hair combo I felt like a princess for the day. 

Thank you so much for making me feel beautiful and giving such amazing direction throughout my shoot. I felt so comfortable and beautiful! Will definitely be booking another shoot in the future."

"This was an amazing experience that every woman has to experience once in their life. For me, this was a one time deal, but I'm already looking forward to booking my next session with Alomia."

"I was SO excited (and a bit nervous) when I found out that I won a free session! Boudoir was something I had been thinking of doing for a while, and Im extremely happy that I won a photoshoot with Alomia Photography. They made me feel so comfortable, beautiful and actually felt sexy in my own skin! I had an amazing time and would recommend getting a boudoir shoot with Alomia Photography to anyone!"

"Making the decision to have a Boudoir photo shoot done by Alomia Photography was the best decision I made for myself so far this year. Any anxieties you have will quickly disappear with the professionalism and attention you will receive. The artistic decisions that were made to ensure the most flattering and sexy results really exceeded my expectations! It's one of those life experiences that all women should do to bring out their inner sexiness. The results will make you feel beautiful and confident."

"Like most women, I was hesitant to book a boudoir shoot. I thought about it for a while and went back and fourth if I should or shouldn't do it. I'm so happy I did! Even though I was extremely nervous about the shoot and even more nervous the morning of, I felt so comfortable once I got there. All that nervousness went out the window. I felt absolutely gorgeous! When my shoot was over, I left feeling beautiful and on top of the world. This is something every woman has to experience once in their life. For me, I will absolutely be booking another shoot with Alomia!"

"Not only are these ladies professional and talented but they have a way of making you feel comfortable and beautiful! I am absolutely obsessed with the finished product photos and I can't wait to do many more shoots with them!! I would highly recommend!"

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. They exceeded every possible imagination I had. Thank you so much!"

"This experience was extremely gratifying and powerful. I thought I would feel awkward and uncomfortable, instead Iwona and Agata made me feel at ease and beautiful. Getting my hair and make up done made me feel like a celebrity. Woman should do this for themselves and preserve their own beauty. Thank You ladies xox"

“My husband and I just got back from our honeymoon, and I wanted to let you know that he absolutely is in love with the photo album. Says it was the best gift he's ever received. Thank you for the unforgettable experience and making me feel like a goddess."

"It was an amazing experience, Iwona treated me like a queen! The photos are beautiful. I did not want it to end."

"Your incredible photos and reviews made me book the session with you ladies."

“What a great birthday gift to myself! The ladies made me feel so special, from the bubbly drink to telling me how great each shot was! I felt like a supermodel and I had so much fun! Thank you for this great experience!"

"These ladies are so much fun and very helpful to those who don't know what to expect. They give you guidance and help make you feel confident, comfortable and relaxed to get the most out of your pictures. I was very hesitant at first and now I know I would definitely do it again. It's really worth it!"

“These gals did an amazing job. I was very nervous leading up to the photo shoot but when I arrived I felt extremely comfortable. I enjoyed that they gave great direction and told me exactly what I needed to do. I would most definitely book with them again!”

“From the moment I arrived it was such a fantastic experience. I felt so at ease and I've never felt more beautiful. I cannot wait to work with these ladies again and would highly recommend!”

"My biggest concern was that all the lovely pics in the portfolio seemed to be of these prefectly proportioned skinny girls. But after doing the session myself, I have to say my pics make me look like I do have something to aunt in sexy undies! It was an amazing session, made me feel great!"

"She made me feel comfortable and beautiful and sexy ;) I love all the photos. Would love to do it again. Unfortunately she is base in Canada. Thanks for visiting Miri, Malyasia had a wonderful experience!”

"They made me feel incredibly comfortable. From the mimosa to taking off the robe, I felt good the whole way. All of us have our quirks or self conscious parts but they help you forget those and emphasize the sensual side."

"As soon as I met Iwona I was at ease. She came off very down to earth and had a comforting energy about her. As soon as the first shots were taken I knew I was in good hands just from the direction and encouraging words she was giving me. I'm so happy I decided to go with Alomia for my shoot!"

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