Miss H

"I had been thinking about doing a boudoir photo shoot for quite a while. I had come across Iwona's work and started following her on Instagram. I loved the look of her photos so beautiful and sexy, but she always kept the images classy. I finally decided to book the appointment, but started to get cold feet as the date approached. "I'm 43! Am I too old for this?". "My body isn't perfect. Can I even pull this off?" "Will they turn out as I had hoped, or am I just kidding myself?". I'm sure that some of you can relate to these doubts. They are the thoughts that keep us frozen, and prevent us from moving forward. The day came and Iwona put my mind and nerves at ease immediately. She is so warm and kind, and made this "terrifying" experience so much fun. She understands your insecurities, and helps you look passed them, and works with your strengths. I am so glad that I took this plunge, and so happy that I did it with Alomia."
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