My proofs gallery expired before I had a chance to pick my images! What now?


The large file size nature of the images being stored (8-10 MB each!) combined with our privacy policy results in all galleries expiring after 14 days. On the 15th day, the expired proofing gallery is automatically purged from our website to make room for new proofing galleries. If for whatever reason you need to access your proofing gallery after it has expired, please read below.

To restore your proofing gallery we will need to locate your image backup, re-upload your images, and then go through the process of re-creating your proofing gallery and re-assigning you access. There is a $50 dollar fee for this which will need to be paid before we start the recovery process. Please note that for privacy reasons we store your images for a maximum of 1 year and then remove them permanently, you can also request to have your images deleted at any time by contacting us.

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