How do I download the images I purchased?


There are two ways for you to download your images:

  1. You can open up the email receipt from your image purchase order from within your mail inbox. This email will contain download links for each image.

  2. You can log into your alomia.ca account and then view your most recent order which also contains download links for each image.

Both the order notification email and your order overview page (must be logged in) will display the images you have selected and will have a download link below each one. You can also download all files at once using the "Download All Images" link at the top.


If you have already created an account on alomia.ca, please do not attempt to create a new profile/account using a different email address. Only your original account has your order history and access to your images, so if you are unable to log in under your original account you can use the forgot password feature or contact me directly so that I can help you get your access back.

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