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Published May 3, 2017 into Blog
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Fabulous Boudoir Shoot with Glowing Miss L

Miss L came to visit me in the studio for her first boudoir shoot to create one hot memorable gift for her hubby. She is not only a total goddess but an amazing woman to work with. Miss L's shoot was definitely one of the most memorable ones for me as she was 6 weeks pregnant and absolutely glowing!

I'm very grateful to Miss L for taking the time to answer some of my post-shoot questions. I've included them below. Thank you Miss L!

What made you decide to book your boudoir session with ALOMIA instead of another studio?

I found Iwona through a google search. I really liked the layout of the website (easy to get around, the FAQ section was helpful) and the photo gallery. The pictures of your previous clients were very beautiful and tastefully done.

The different price points (packages) were also very handy. Compared to other boudoir companies I looked at, your pricing structure was very competitive.

How were you feeling before your shoot? Any thoughts going through your mind?

Mostly excitement! I had fun putting all of the outfits together and looking at the types of shots I thought would work well for my body frame.

What was your favorite thing about your photoshoot experience?

How amazingly friendly Iwona was from the moment I walked in the door (as well as the lovely make-up artist). We bonded over babies! :)

I really loved how Iwona made me feel during the session itself. She made me feel really comfortable and confident by talking me through the shots and saying things like "beautiful shot" or "really lovely position" or "I got the shot I wanted"....those small cues made me much more relaxed.

What would you tell other ladies who are considering doing a boudoir shoot?

Have no fear and DO IT!
....it's a wonderful way to treat yourself.

What is the best memory from your photo shoot day?

The hair and makeup and room set up. I felt really beautiful.
...and the fact that I was six weeks pregnant and can look back at the photos with fond memories! :)

If you wanted to leave me with some final words, what would they be?

My experience with Iwona at Alomia Photography was exceptional! She was amazingly friendly, professional and put any nerves I had completely at ease. This was a really wonderful experience and I am so happy with the end result. To all of the lovely ladies out there who may be feeling a bit shy, this is the perfect way to feel beautiful and do something extraordinary for yourself.

Ladies, if you love what you see, take the leap! All you need to do is book a session, show up, and I will do the rest!

You can bring lingerie -or- nothing at all. You may have an idea of how your boudoir session should go, especially when it comes to what you wear, how you pose and what props to use... or you can have faith and leave it in my experienced hands. I will not disappoint you, this is what I do!

My job is to make sure you look your best in all of your photos. So just be yourself and follow my directions while we are shooting. I will make sure that your images will be as beautiful as all of those you swoon over on my website.

With Miss L's express permission I am sharing some of my favorite photos from her shoot with you ladies! For those of you that have yet to book a session with me, please be sure to check out our packages! Oh, and please be sure to get in touch if you have any questions!


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