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Published October 27, 2016 into Blog
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Outdoor Boudoir Shoot with Miss R.

Oh, I can't help but get all giddy seeing my clients come back to shoot with me!

I have to say — it really made my heart sing when I got a message from a bae who wanted to return for not her second, but THIRD shoot. I may be a sucker for sentiment, but the level of trust and confidence that is built during these amazingly intimate sessions puts a big smile on my face, there is nothing like the feeling I get when my clients see their photos for the first time!

For this session stunning Miss R wanted to create a memorable Christmas gift for her man. The idea was simple — the cold, dark months of winter are coming so why not warm him up with a sizzling outdoor boudoir shoot.

Our session took place on Jericho Beach, and I was very excited when she and a friend showed up in 2 really cool cars so we can use them in the shoot. A black Ferrari and an orange Corvette! What else can a photographer ask for; a gorgeous client, and beautiful surroundings mixed with the perfect summer evening. Oh and 2 really hot cars!

Here is what Miss R had to say in regards to her session!

" You are the best. And obviously my favorite photographer. You always make me feel comfortable and the pictures always blow him away! "

With Miss R's express permission I am sharing some of my favorite photos from her shoot with you ladies! For those of you that have yet to book a session with me, please be sure to check out our packages.

Please be sure to get in touch if you have any questions!


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