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Published May 11, 2016 into Blog
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Beauty Shoot with Miss M.

Miss M dropped by my studio last week to "get-her-sexy-back", which is something shes been meaning to do for the past year or so! "After having 2 kids and turning 39, it's time for a make over!", she cheerfully gasped. While she didn't feel a boudoir shoot was the right type of shoot for her at the time, she instead opted for a BEAUTY shoot, which is something that will still capture her beauty and sensuality while also being a fantastic idea for social media, profile photos, and of course "stuff you can show your family!". I've already had a vision of how her session would go and was really stoked to shoot with Miss M. Imagine the possibilities!

Miss M arrived at my studio with a gigantic suitcase filled with clothes and of course we can't forget about the heels, you know, that shoe that elongates, that exuberates and just makes make you feel that much more sexy! I was exited to see all the varieties of outfits — from long voluptuous dresses to ripped jeans and white shorts. I've also incorporated a number of our props! The pink tutu being one of the hottest items from our props selection this year.

Excited after her shoot, Miss M presented me with some flattering feedback. (Thank you Miss M!)

I would recommend Alomia Photography for your Beauty/Boudoir session any day. They are professional, fun, and will give you a lifetime memory that you won't regret.

The only thing that Miss M worried about before her shoot was how she was going to pose, but her worries were quickly alleviated as soon as she entered the studio and spoke with me about what was bothering her! If you're thinking of doing a shoot, but are inexperienced in posing, just remember that it's my job to pose you, to get that perfect smile, and to make sure you are having a time of your life. Did I mention that there is always a glass of bubbly an arms reach away so you can calm your nerves and enjoy the amazing experience all while having your hair and make-up done? It's true, and it works!

My job is to make sure you look your best in all of your photos. So just be yourself and follow my directions while we are shooting. I will make sure that your images will be as beautiful as all of those you swoon over on my website.

With Miss M's express permission I am sharing some of my favorite photos from her beauty shoot with you ladies! For those of you that have yet to book a session with me, please be sure to check out my packages.

Please be sure to get in touch if you have any questions!

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