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 Boudoir Photography Is All About Self-Love ~ You Are Perfect The Way You Are!
Published October 19, 2023
I often receive emails from ladies that are unsure about themselves... they ask me questions that stem from doubt and insecurity -- that honest belief that for whatever reason they aren't "good enough", "pretty enough", or "experienced enough" for boudoir photography. Personally, I'm not surprised by this all too common assumption, but not because it's the truth (ehm, it's bullshit!), but because it's easy and the safe route to undervalue yourself and view boudoir photography as an art form only reserved for the likes of celebrities and super models.

The Magic of Maternity Boudoir
Published November 20, 2018
It finally happened! I got the pleasure to photograph my gorgeous makeup artist Vicky who is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside, a truly loving and embracing heart and soul. Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a woman’s life and I'm incredibly honoured that I was chosen to capture these precious moments that just as quickly as they come, are gone.

Boudoir Shoot with Beautiful Miss M
Published February 21, 2018
This babe was recommended to me by her sister, who had her own session with me just last year. I have to say that the best compliment I can ever hope to receive is a referral from one of my awesome clients! Miss M entrusted me to work my magic, and over the span of the session we created one of the best gift she could ever give herself.
Boudoir Shoot with Lovely Miss J
Published February 8, 2018
Gorgeous Miss J entrusted me to create a set of unforgettable memories — but what started as a gift for him also ended up being the BEST gift she could have given herself. Miss J has what I can describe as beautifully colorful tattoos and it made her resulting image just a little more exotic!
Beauty Shoot with Miss M.
Published May 11, 2016
Miss M dropped by my studio last week to "get-her-sexy-back", which is something shes been meaning to do for the past year or so! "After having 2 kids and turning 39, it's time for a make over!", she cheerfully gasped. While she didn't feel a boudoir shoot was the right type of shoot for her at the time, she instead opted for a BEAUTY shoot, which is something that will still capture her beauty and sensuality while also being a fantastic idea for social media, profile photos, and of course "stuff you can show your family!". I've already had a vision of how her session would go and was really stoked to shoot with Miss M. Imagine the possibilities!
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