What is your policy on privacy?


I take your privacy very seriously. I will never use any images of you on my website or other mediums without your signed consent to do so. All of the ladies featured on my website, ads and or social media platforms have signed a physical release form granting me a permission to use their images. 

Below are the steps we take to protect your privacy:

  1. we store a backup of your images for 1 year on a physical drive that is not connected to the internet at any point. If for whatever reason you lose your images, we will be able to retrieve them during this time. After 1 year those images are removed permanently unless otherwise specified by our clients.
  2. We grant you private viewing access to your images during the proofing process via a private proofing gallery that is available only to you after the completion of your shoot. This gallery is of course password protected and only you will be sent the password.
  3. We automatically remove proofing galleries within 14 days from their creation date, at which point all images are removed from the website, and only remain on the offline storage drive.
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