In light of the latest information on Covid-19 we have closed the Alomia studio until further notice. We feel it is our responsibility to our community to do all we can to flatten the curve.


Boudoir Photography Portfolio

I've had the distinct pleasure of photographing many wonderful ladies of different shapes, sizes, and age groups — be it luscious curves, long legs or baby bumps! Every one of you is uniquely gorgeous and I'm here to display that sexy essence in the best lighting and circumstances possible... to do you justice. My extensive photography and staging experience helps me to artistically capture you in the most sensual and natural poses that will raise your inner confidence and give you a truly amazing experience that will make you feel like you're on top of the world.

The photos you see below are professionally re-touched and being shared with the express permission of our wonderful clients — if you're interested in reading about my various photography experiences you can check out my blog!

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