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The Best GIFT Ever For Your Hunny & Most Importantly Yourself… Boudoir Photography Magic!
Published November 20, 2023
Miss A worked with me to create some steaming images of her gorgeous self — not only her hubby, but most importantly herself. This was Miss A's first boudoir shoot and she rocked it as she was fully prepared by following my preparation list and completing the pre-shoot survey. I was in love with the outfits Miss A brought to her shoot especially all the bodysuits... did I say I love bodysuits. SO make sure to bring a couple to your shoot.
 Boudoir Photography Is All About Self-Love ~ You Are Perfect The Way You Are!
Published October 19, 2023
I often receive emails from ladies that are unsure about themselves... they ask me questions that stem from doubt and insecurity -- that honest belief that for whatever reason they aren't "good enough", "pretty enough", or "experienced enough" for boudoir photography. Personally, I'm not surprised by this all too common assumption, but not because it's the truth (ehm, it's bullshit!), but because it's easy and the safe route to undervalue yourself and view boudoir photography as an art form only reserved for the likes of celebrities and super models.

The Hottest Trend for Women ~ Empowering Boudoir Photography
Published October 7, 2023
This goddess did it for herself! By now I'm sure you've noticed that I'm always absolutely thrilled when clients do boudoir shoots just for themselves. It's empowering, confidence building and celebrating who you are right now, not next week, but now!
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