It's Empowering, Confidence Building & Celebrating Who You Are Right Now!

She Did This For Herself!

By now I'm sure you've noticed that I'm always absolutely thrilled when clients do boudoir shoots just for themselves. It's empowering, confidence building and celebrating who you are right now, not next week, but now!

Miss P came to see me to celebrate her milestone birthday and create  lifelong memories with her beautiful  images of herself. She also is thinking of starting to do a little modelling with all the coaching and images she've received from her boudoir shoot.

I always recommend something playful to finish the shoot, a white blouse or white sheets. Miss P opted for a white blouse from my boudoir closet and we also had time to create a few images with the white sheets which are always client's favourite.  You are always welcome to use items from my boudoir closet during your shoot. I have a variety of scarfs, lace robes, lace blouses and sheer ballet skirts. 

Miss P opted to have her hair and makeup done at the studio by one of my talented MUA's Amber from Blended By Amber which gave her a little relaxation time before the shoot. Did I mention that a boudoir shoot it's a work out...yes you will be hurting the next day and that will be a sign that you did an amazing job with following my instructions.

Best photographer ever!!! We got the most beautiful photos and I had the most amazing experience doing this shoot!! I highly recommend doing a boudoir shoot!!

Don't wait any longer and try it right now!

- Miss P

48h after the shoot, upon delivery of a little sneak peek I always ask my clients to fill out my post-shoot survey. The feedback helps me to not only improve myself as a photographer, but also make sure that my lovely customers are 100% satisfied with their sessions!

Here is what Miss P had to say:

What made you decide to book your boudoir session with ALOMIA instead of another studio?

After viewing your portfolio I knew that this would be the most amazing photos ever.

How were you feeling before your shoot? Any thoughts going through your mind?

I was a little anxious since it was my fist time. But I was extremely excited to see how the photos would tern out!

What was your favorite thing about your photoshoot experience?

The atmosphere and how comfortable I felt well taking the photos.

What would you tell other ladies who are considering doing a boudoir shoot?

Definitely do it!! It’s such an amazing process and makes you appreciate your body in such a new and amazing way.

What is the best memory from your photo shoot day?

My best memory has to be getting me hair and makeup done beautifully as well as the beautiful outfits I was able to wear!

Looking your very best in the photos I take of you is what my job is all about. So just be yourself and follow my directions while we are shooting, and I will make sure that your images will be as beautiful as ever.

With Miss P's express permission I am sharing some of my favorite photos from her shoot!

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