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Published December 10, 2015 into Blog
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Boudoir photography... What is your reason? Here are six of mine.

A couple of weeks ago I had an amazing conversation with a potential client.

In an effort to convince her girlfriend to do a back-to-back shoot she asked me what are some of my personal reasons on why I think every woman should do a boudoir shoot at least once in their life. At that moment I realized that I had a hard time answering the question, not because I didn't know the answer — but because it was such an important and complex topic with many possible "correct" answers. So as I tried to sound coherent, I nervously babbled for what must have seemed like an eternity only to realize that unless I had a chance to really give it some thought I would never be able to give my passion for boudoir photography the credit it deserves.

I spent the last couple of weeks in quiet introspection on my photography career and felt that blogging about my personal reasons and sharing them with you wonderful ladies would be the best shot at not only sufficiently answering the question at hand but getting some of your feedback as well. So I humbly ask you ladies, if you feel like I missed a great reason please take a moment to share it in the comments below, your feedback is extremely important to me.

Without further ado, my list of six reasons to do a boudoir shoot at least once in your life!

1. Reinvent Yourself.

Sometimes changing your life a little, or more so, a lot, can feel intimidating and scary. We all need that confidence boost to get out of a rut or to try something different -- be it a new man, a different job or going out and getting to know a few new friends to share your life's moments with. These little things can add up to a lot, and we need courage to put ourselves out there. Revisiting that exhilarating moment when your poses were being captured for a set of beautiful photos will be forever with you as they serve to remind you how brave you truly are. Use your boudoir session to your advantage as it can serve as the ultimate reminder of that moment. The moment you conquered your fear and did something scary but intensely gratifying. A boudoir shoot is very much like a makeover, however it not only focuses on your make up and hairstyle, but your body and soul as well.

2. Conquer Your Camera Shyness.

For every excited lady that emails me about their upcoming session seeking extra advice on how to prepare for their photoshoot I get a couple of emails from ladies that are body and camera shy and are worried that it may hinder their ability to pose for their photos. First and foremost it is absolutely normal to feel a little stressed before your shoot, we all fear the unknown and naturally worry for the silliest of reasons, however your fear will melt away as soon as you sit down with us, have a glass of bubbly and laugh yourself into your outfit. We have so much fun during your session that even the most stressed out ladies start giggling and enjoying themselves within moments! In addition the confidence boost and experience will give you a new outlook towards any kind of photography!

3. It's Your Mind & Body! Celebrate Yourself.

Because you've worked hard to get into that outfit, it took patience and sacrifice to get that promotion or reach that milestone in your life! You are glowing and beautiful, and treat yourself right not only to feel great but look amazing. You have every reason to celebrate yourself and your body by capturing those sexy moments where you're at your best. Many ladies come to me with the intention to celebrate themselves, and why not? Capturing your sexy self is an exhilarating experience, it will raise your spirits and give you confidence that is almost palpable. Many of my clients leave their session feeling on top of the world and high on life... ready to tackle anything!

4. Rekindle the Flames of Passion.

In every relationship the passion you once experienced at the earlier "honeymoon" stages of your relationship may fade just a little... but there is one sure thing that will heat things up by throwing red hot sparks into the mix -- and that is a sexy, magazine perfect boudoir shoot! One of my clients summed it up perfectly by saying, "After 8 years there isn't much we don't know about each other, surprises come few and far in-between", she's right, the perfect way to surprise your significant other is by showing off your sexy, uninhibited, confident and beautiful side by sharing those amazing moments with him, moments that are captured on a medium that never fades.

5. You Know He Wants It!

Imagine the expression on their face when your man flips through a set of magazine quality photos of your fabulous self wearing nothing but his oversized dress shirt or a sexy pair of cut offs and a crop top. Let's be honest here, can you name a guy that wouldn't get jaw dropped excited to see his lady wearing deliciously seductive lingerie and a pair of high heels? He will not be able to resist your confidence, your playfulness and the fact that it's for his eyes only! Just be sure to hand him a handkerchief to wipe that drool off his chin!

6. You Will Look Fabulous & Feel Amazing.

Having your hair and makeup professionally styled, your photos taken by an experienced photographer, and then having your favorites professionally edited results in some of the most fabulous photos you will ever see of yourself! You will look and feel so amazing after your shoot that we recommend our clients plan a night out the day they receive their photos to celebrate their new found look! If you're holding off because you feel like you need to loose just another 5 to 10 pounds, DONT! We are experienced at posing you in such a way that is flattering to your individual body type, you will look luscious and curvy and your photos will complement you in every way.

Over the years I had the distinct pleasure of photographing many wonderful ladies of different shapes and sizes, age groups — be it luscious curves, or long legs and rich beautiful hair of all colours and styles. Every one of you is gorgeous and I am here to capture that essence and to display it in the best lighting and circumstances; to do you justice. My photography experience helps me to artistically capture your wonderful bodies in the most sensual poses, to bring out the sexy in you, to raise your inner confidence and give you a truly amazing experience that you will never forget and will revisit time and time again.

We hear back from so many of our boudoir girls, we ask for feedback and get astonishingly informative emails in return, important feedback that helps to steer our boudoir vision in the right direction. We work hard to better ourselves and thus our photography, and we know the progress we have made couldn't have been achieved without you.

So thank you!

If you haven't already joined us for a boudoir shoot, now you have six great reasons to do so! Please get in touch with me should you have any questions!

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