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Microsoft’s new CaptionBot attempts to identify my sexy boudoir photography in hilarious and unexpected ways!
Published April 16, 2016
So this morning I stumbled upon something really amazing! It's a bot that attempts to identify and describe a photo by writing its own captions using natural language. This is so perfect! Finally something “technological” was invented to help me, "ME!", with my image captions which take me forever to think up at times! The thought of this digital brain helping me come up with witty and sexy titles was just too amazing to pass on!
Boudoir Photography: Breaking The Shackles Of This Unjustified Social Taboo
Published January 17, 2016
The growing popularity of boudoir photography is responsible for some of the most incredible correspondence coming from ladies honestly curious to know a little more about this emerging genre of photography. So who better to share their view on the subject than an actual boudoir photographer! As someone who thoroughly enjoys the uniquely personal and artistic nature of boudoir I'm always excited to write about why I love boudoir photography, and why you should too!
Why we don't compete with daily deal photo studios by offering $99 boudoir shoots.
Published January 11, 2016
I encountered an interesting question the other day, it was in reference to our boudoir photography pricing. A potential client emailed and asked why we no longer have a $99 special like those seen on Groupon and other daily deal sites. Don't we want to compete with other boudoir studios? I wrote a reply and figured it would be best to share it with you all on my blog. The reply was edited to protect the identity of the client.
Boudoir photography... What is your reason? Here are six of mine.
Published December 10, 2015
A couple of weeks ago I had an amazing conversation with a potential client. In an effort to convince her girlfriend to do a back-to-back shoot she asked me what are some of my personal reasons on why I think every woman should do a boudoir shoot at least once in their life. At that moment I realized that I had a hard time answering the question, not because I didn't know the answer — but because it was such an important and complex topic with many possible "correct" answers. So as I tried to sound coherent, I nervously babbled for what must have seemed like an eternity only to realize that unless I had a chance to really give it some thought I would never be able to give my passion for boudoir photography the credit it deserves.
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