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Published January 17, 2016 into Blog
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Boudoir Photography: Breaking The Shackles Of This Unjustified Social Taboo

The growing popularity of boudoir is responsible for some of the most incredible correspondence coming from ladies that are honestly curious to know a little more about this emerging genre of photography. So who better to share their view on the subject than an actual boudoir photographer! As someone who thoroughly enjoys the uniquely personal and artistic nature of boudoir I'm always excited to write about why I love boudoir photography, and why you should too!

Those of you who want to try boudoir photography have already braved the thought of getting into it. Ok maybe it's not as courageous as wrestling a bear! But definitely something slightly more risqué! Most ladies I chat with are understandably anxious, feeling it's a little too provocative for them, yet many build up the courage and take the plunge! So why do so many ladies today get into boudoir, even when it's a slightly out of their comfort zone?

The excitement of the studio, the carefully staged lighting, the sexy outfits and the pampering during the session as you get your hair and makeup styled while sipping bubbly and excitedly conversing about your upcoming poses. That intoxicating feeling as those lights start flashing and the camera shutter snapping ever so quickly as you enthusiastically pose for those fabulously sexy images that only you and a privileged few will see. Finally the realization hits you... you're experiencing what is most likely one of the most exhilarating moments in your life thus far!

Your body is the canvas and our camera is the brush. With every subject we photograph, with every outfit they wear and every pose they strike we create and celebrate those fabulous images that bring out your most sensual moments. Those wonderful moments forever captured to be revisited for many years to come. Boudoir photography is a window into our deepest desires for romantic expression, and the few who look through it are yours truly, privileged to have a peek.

Boudoir photography is about getting to know yourself and your body. It's about understanding the power of your sexuality as you make the realization that you shouldn't be afraid to express yourself in any way that you feel. Breaking the chains of conformity by going against presumed expectations placed on you by what society deems taboo is extremely rewarding and empowering! It's important to follow your desires and develop an individualistic approach to all things important to you. The growing popularity of boudoir photography strongly illustrates the changing current of women growing ever more courageous to follow those desires.

Today, as boudoir photography enters the mainstream, we no longer need to hide behind the gender presumed roles. Instead we are breaking the mould and expressing ourselves in our own unique ways like never before
. Personally, I feel lucky to live in times such as these, times where we can experience the things previously reserved for the likes of super models.

It's important that every woman should try boudoir photography at least once in her life. Don't make the mistake of waiting to lose that last 5 pounds, don't be embarrassed of your body, don't be held prisoner by the fear of the unknown. Because finally, when you do build up the courage you will realize what a spectacular difference such an event can make to your level of confidence and outlook on life!

Like many before you, when you're feeling up to it, know that there are many capable boudoir photographers in your area that can create amazingly fabulous photos. Just google "boudoir" and start going down the list of studios, do your research and book a session. You will not regret that you did.

If you have any questions about the many nuances of boudoir photography please feel free to get in touch. If you're interested in viewing my boudoir photography work, I invite you to browse my portfolio!


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