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Published April 16, 2016 into Blog
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Microsoft’s new CaptionBot attempts to identify my sexy boudoir photography in hilarious and unexpected ways!

So this morning I stumbled upon something really amazing! It's a bot that attempts to identify and describe a photo by writing its own captions using natural language. This is so perfect! Finally something “technological” was invented to help me, "ME!", with my image captions which take me forever to think up at times! The thought of this digital brain helping me come up with witty and sexy titles was just too amazing to pass on!

Ok, first some quick background information on the technology!

Microsoft's CaptionBot joins previously launched bots like What Is Your Dog and How Old Do I Look? so I figured they must've gotten good at image recognition by now! With the help of natural language, this bot can scan and identify each photo and use image recognition software to analyze and search a database of information so that it can elaborate on what its seeing with amazing accuracy, or so I thought.

I quickly jumped in with both feet and started generating captions...

So far, so good. 1 for 1! The caption is not as detailed as I would have liked, but still pretty amazing considering it's coming from our future robot overlords!

I must admit this photo has a lot going on. The generated caption wasn't exactly what I would have gone for but it did point out that our model's facial expression was in fact accurately matching the emoji! I would imagine the little robot is still learning so I figured if we process a few more captions it should get better. Right?

CaptionBot appears to have developed psychic powers! It is now capable of accurately identifying that our model was laying on her phone! This is amazing, I wonder what other capabilities it has!

Ok, we get it! We love our cell phones, is it that obvious? I decided to try something different, maybe we can stump it with a sexy leg shot!

A Dress shirt and tie!? Seriously? Well at least it got the "woman" portion correct! I decided to do one last caption to see what other goofy things this software can come up with.

OK, I was pleasantly surprised when apparently it decided to transcend its initial goal of describing whats being shown in the imagine and instead decided to tell me what's "really" happening! I must admit, very impressive.

The hilarity of the generated captions kept me entertained as I was experimenting to see the current viability of the software. Sadly it looks like I will be "generating" my own captions for the time being, waiting patiently as the robot improves so that one day, hopefully not too far into the future I can use its services for something more than laughs!

If you would like to try out the CaptionBot, here is the link to the page! Be sure to post your captions in the comments! Please like and share this post if you enjoyed it, I appreciate it!


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