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My passion in life is photography, especially boudoir photography! I live, breathe and dream boudoir. I enjoy the challenge of searching for new and unique props, the excitement of staging our studio, and the feeling I get when I read the fantastic feedback left by many of our wonderful clients. I take pleasure in writing about the art of boudoir, sharing my experiences shooting it and discussing the past, present and future of this wonderfully inspiring art form.

A special thanks goes out to all the ladies that let me share our photo shoot experience! With that said, I invite you all to read my blog and join the discussion!

Boudoir Shoot with Miss A.
Most women who book a shoot with us feel nervous, unprepared, scared or just plain not ready for many reasons. But you know what... they did it because they knew deep down they deserved this, and in some ways needed it. Miss A came to us to help her create some steaming images that featured her gorgeous self! We're absolutely thrilled when clients do boudoir shoots just for themselves. It's empowering, confidence building and celebrating who you are right now, not next week, but now!
Posted by Iwona D on December 7, 2015
11 photos

Boudoir shoot with Miss K.
Miss K reached out to us in an effort to create a stunning gift for her man. As a young mother of two babies it leaves little time for her to feel truly sexy, and thus a little help to achieve that goddess experience can go a long way. Having hair and makeup done while relaxing with a glass of bubbly following a photo shoot was the perfect experience she was looking for, with a set of amazing photos at the end of her session. Here's what she had to say about her boudoir experience...
Posted by Iwona D on November 26, 2015
9 photos

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