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My passion in life is photography, especially boudoir photography! I live, breathe and dream boudoir. I enjoy the challenge of searching for new and unique props, the excitement of staging my studio, and the feeling I get when I read the fantastic feedback left by many of my wonderful clients. I take pleasure in writing about the art of boudoir, sharing my experiences shooting it and discussing the past, present and future of this wonderfully inspiring art form.

A special thanks goes out to all the ladies that let me share our magical photo shoot experience! With that said, I invite you all to read my blog and join the discussion!

Boudoir Shoot with Lovely Miss N
Wrapping up another fantastic day of shooting, Miss N followed my directions and entrusted me in working my magic to create some truly beautiful images. In all the excitement, Miss N decided to do a last minute package upgrade as to receive even more images from her shoot!
Posted by Iwona D on February 28, 2018
15 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Beautiful Miss M
This babe was recommended to me by her sister, who had her own session with me just last year. I have to say that the best compliment I can ever hope to receive is a referral from one of my awesome clients! Miss M entrusted me to work my magic, and over the span of the session we created one of the best gift she could ever give herself.
Posted by Iwona D on February 21, 2018
28 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Amazing Miss T
This gorgeous new mama of 3 month old twins came to my studio wanting me to help her get her sexy back -- and by gosh, she sure did! It was an absolutely phenomenal shoot, and Miss T pulled off the poses like a professional model!
Posted by Iwona D on February 15, 2018
15 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Lovely Miss J
Gorgeous Miss J entrusted me to create a set of unforgettable memories — but what started as a gift for him also ended up being the BEST gift she could have given herself. Miss J has what I can describe as beautifully colorful tattoos and it made her resulting image just a little more exotic!
Posted by Iwona D on February 8, 2018
23 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Stunning Miss N
The stunning Miss N came to see me for her second boudoir shoot to create a number of fabulous images of her gorgeous self! It's always such a pleasure when clients return for another session with me. Miss N rocked her shoot and also remembered all the tips I gave her during the first shoot with me. She brought a cozy sweater and we've matched it with a sparkly bra -- a perfect combo, and just in time for the holidays as her session was shot in late fall.
Posted by Iwona D on January 31, 2018
12 photos

Fabulous Boudoir Shoot with Gorgeous Miss S
Check out this bombshell...Miss S did a session with me as a gift both to herself and her hubby and to have images of her gorgeous self years to come! She arrived to the studio with a suitcase full of sexy colorful outfits and some killer shoes. And she also brought her hubby's captain uniform to spice up her shoot and create a very personal gift for him.
Posted by Iwona D on January 25, 2018
18 photos

Fabulous Tushies of 2017
One of my favorite things to do in the new year is to compile a list of really great pics from the past year. This time I think it's about time that I shared some tushie shots! What an absolutely amazing year and I thoroughly enjoyed every shoot with you lovely ladies.
Posted by Iwona D on January 9, 2018
98 photos

Bridal Boudoir with Stunning Miss C
Yet another magical day at the studio! Stunning Miss C came to me to help her create the perfect sexy little gift for her hubby to be. She gave him images of her gorgeous self on the day of their wedding and he was blown away with the surprise.
Posted by Iwona D on October 19, 2017
14 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Ravishing Miss T
Miss T arrived at my studio prepared and with a vision of how the shoot should unfold. She had a number of images with specific poses that she wanted to re-create and so we both had a ton of fun crafting these amazing photos! Miss T brought all kinds of lingerie, an over-sized sweater and we even did shots with...
Posted by Iwona D on October 12, 2017
21 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Lovely Miss M
I had such a great time shooting with this babe! Miss M's hubby surprised her with this boudoir shoot as a birthday present. Not knowing what a boudoir shoot is all about, Miss M called and texted me a few times to discuss the details of her shoot wanting my help on what outfits she should bring and how to prepare. She was super nervous and yet just as exited and of course totally stoked on getting such an awesome present from her hubby for her milestone birthday.
Posted by Iwona D on October 5, 2017
12 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Beautiful Miss N
I had so much fun working with this babe, what an incredible shoot! Miss N came to see me to help her create a gift for her high school sweetheart whom she absolutely adores. I'm sure he will be immeasurably delighted when he sees her photos for the first time.
Posted by Iwona D on September 28, 2017
25 photos

Beauty Shoot with Fabulous Miss C
Miss C opted for a beauty shoot, which is something that captures her beauty and sensuality while also being a fantastic idea for social media, profile photos, and of course "stuff you can show your family!".
Posted by Iwona D on September 14, 2017
10 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Gorgeous Miss S
Miss S came to see me in an effort to create some amazing images to give to her BF who absolutely adores her tush. Being in a long distance relationship Miss S needed to spice things up -- and she did! She pulled it all of with a collection of steaming images that we've created together at my studio, it was a thrilling experience for the both of us.
Posted by Iwona D on September 7, 2017
17 photos

Maternity Shoot with Beautiful Miss M
Did I ever mention that I absolutely love capturing baby bumps? Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a woman’s life, and Miss M looks absolutely glowing! I'm very happy that I was chosen to capture these beautiful moments, and I'm super excited to share them with all of you.
Posted by Iwona D on August 31, 2017
12 photos

Bridal Shoot with Beautiful Miss A
Beautiful Miss A made the trip all the way from Williams Lake wanting to create a truly amazing gift for the groom in her life! She wanted to create a memory that will last a life time, and I was very grateful and honored that she entrusted me with that task.
Posted by Iwona D on August 23, 2017
13 photos

Fabulous Boudoir Shoot with Glowing Miss L
Miss L came to visit me in the studio for her first boudoir shoot to create one hot memorable gift for her hubby. She is not only a total goddess but an amazing woman to work with. Miss L's shoot was definitely one of the most memorable ones for me as she was 6 weeks pregnant and absolutely glowing!
Posted by Iwona D on May 3, 2017
12 photos

Outdoor Boudoir Shoot with Miss R.
For this session stunning Miss R wanted to create a memorable Christmas gift for her man. The idea was simple -- the cold, dark months of winter are coming so why not warm him up with a sizzling outdoor boudoir shoot. Our session took place on Jericho Beach, and I was very excited when she and a friend showed up in 2 really cool cars so we can use them in the shoot. A black Ferrari and a yellow Corvette! What else can a photographer ask for; a gorgeous client, and beautiful surroundings mixed with the perfect summer evening. Oh and 2 really hot cars!
Posted by Iwona D on October 27, 2016
17 photos

Beauty Shoot with Miss M.
Miss M dropped by my studio last week to "get-her-sexy-back", which is something shes been meaning to do for the past year or so! "After having 2 kids and turning 39, it's time for a make over!", she cheerfully gasped. While she didn't feel a boudoir shoot was the right type of shoot for her at the time, she instead opted for a BEAUTY shoot, which is something that will still capture her beauty and sensuality while also being a fantastic idea for social media, profile photos, and of course "stuff you can show your family!". I've already had a vision of how her session would go and was really stoked to shoot with Miss M. Imagine the possibilities!
Posted by Iwona D on May 11, 2016
21 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Miss I.
I often receive emails from ladies that are unsure about themselves... they ask me questions that stem from doubt and insecurity -- that honest belief that for whatever reason they aren't "good enough", "pretty enough", or "experienced enough" for boudoir photography. Personally, I'm not surprised by this all too common assumption, but not because it's the truth (ehm, it's bullshit!), but because it's easy and the safe route to undervalue yourself and view boudoir photography as an art form only reserved for the likes of celebrities and super models.
Posted by Iwona D on April 5, 2016
30 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Miss N.
Miss N had everything under control! The shoot felt like it was straight out of NASA launch control center and it was incredible! She nailed our preparation checklist, and gave us some extremely useful feedback. All of her outfits were neatly pressed and all tags and labels were removed. The last thing anyone wants is wrinkled outfits to spoil their shoot. Miss N brought a wide variety of cute, sexy and romantic outfits. My personal favourite was her black garter belt and of course there is something about high waisted underwear that just looks amazing.
Posted by Iwona D on February 10, 2016
20 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Miss T.
Recently during my trip to Malaysia I had the distinct pleasure of shooting with Miss T, who booked the Diva package ahead of time knowing I would be in her neck of the woods. Miss T is a photographer as well, so I had the added bonus of talking "photography" while we prepped for the shoot. Meant as a surprise birthday gift for her husband the theme of her session was sexy, yet elegant, a fantastic way to celebrate their marriage as they look forward to many wonderful years together.
Posted by Iwona D on January 25, 2016
22 photos

Boudoir Photography: Breaking The Shackles Of This Unjustified Social Taboo
The growing popularity of boudoir photography is responsible for some of the most incredible correspondence coming from ladies honestly curious to know a little more about this emerging genre of photography. So who better to share their view on the subject than an actual boudoir photographer! As someone who thoroughly enjoys the uniquely personal and artistic nature of boudoir I'm always excited to write about why I love boudoir photography, and why you should too!
Posted by Iwona D on January 17, 2016

Boudoir Shoot with Miss N.
Miss N arrived for her session a little nervous yet excited. As soon as she stepped into our staged penthouse studio we went through her outfits looking for something cute and sexy. We had so much fun discussing the type of boudoir photography style she would like that the hair and makeup portion of the session felt like a blur. A glass of bubbly and many laughs later, our beautiful model was posing like she did it a thousand times!
Posted by Iwona D on January 13, 2016
11 photos

Boudoir Shoot with Miss R.
Miss R was so enthusiastic to book her 2nd shoot that it put a big 'ole grin on my face as I'm always excited to see our clients return for more! Her first shoot was during the 2015 Valentine's Day boudoir marathon at the Sheraton, she came well prepared with numerous cute and sexy outfits and stylish heels. The session turned out beautifully and Miss R had a blast excitedly surprising her boyfriend with a set of steaming images of her gorgeous self.
Posted by Iwona D on December 20, 2015
29 photos

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